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Wireless Cost Management

Keeping your fleet of phones up and running with the latest technology is only half of the battle. Mobile devices represent one of the fastest growing corporate expenses. Most companies are paying more than they should. Close management of your of wireless account(s) will contain or reduce that cost, even as your end-user needs become increasingly more sophisticated.

Our account management team allows you to gain control of your wireless expense with best-in-class methodology:

Quarterly Rate Plan Analysis - Receive complementary account summaries with recommendations for improving your rate plan mix, service features and discounts.

Usage Alerts - Receive alerts BEFORE you experience minute or data overages. We will provide you with the tools to throttle or stop usage before things get out of control.

Technology Review - Do you really need to carry multiple devices with different costs and contract terms? Avoid overlapping costs with the latest in wireless technology. A killer application can change the game for you.

Discount Tables - We'll maximize your monthly recurring discount by shopping all of the major industry and trade associations. Enterprise discounts typically range from 17% to 24%. Are you getting yours?