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Turn any mobile device into a powerful productivity tool.

Xora market-leading mobile enterprise applications help your organization meet productivity and service goals by giving you real-time visibility into the locations and activities of your employees and vehicles and eliminating manual data collection and paperwork. Xora solutions are powerful yet simple to use, can be up and running in minutes, and are easy to buy.

Xora Mobile
Xora Mobile solutions let you use the mobile devices your employees carry to automate the collection, validation and reporting of location, time and job information in the field - all for about $1 per day per user. Xora Mobile includes three solutions that turn any mobile device into a powerful productivity tool:

Xora GPS TimeTrack
Xora GPS TimeTrack streamlines work processes and eliminates manual paperwork for time reporting, billing and compliance. A downloadable app for mobile devices automates data collection in the field and a secure cloud-based management console delivers alerts and reports that let you plan and make decisions for greater efficiency.

Real Time Visibility When You Need It
With Xora GPS TimeTrack, organizations with employees in the field can see their exact locations on Google Maps in near real time, plan their schedules, gather data from the field and simplify the payroll process. As one of the world’s leading mobile enterprise solutions, Xora GPS TimeTrack helps more than 16,000 organizations meet their productivity and service goals for about $1 per day per user.

Xora GPS TimeTrack consists of a downloadable app for mobile devices, a secure cloud-hosted management console that can be accessed from any web-browser and optional data exchange and integration.

Xora Mobile App
Using any GPS-enabled mobile device, the Xora GPS TimeTrack mobile app collects and reports location, time and job information in near real time, giving you the immediate information you need to make daily operational decisions and the historical trends data you need to assess and improve the overall productivity and performance of your mobile employees.

With the Xora GPS TimeTrack mobile app, your mobile employees can:
Streamline mobile data collection and communication with operations or dispatch managers

• Simply click to start/stop time for shifts, breaks and jobs; supervisors can optionally clock in their staff • Effortlessly provide location information with near real time GPS tracking • Communicate receipt, acceptance and status of job assignments from the office. • Receive messages from dispatch or operations staff as needed • Use easy forms to capture job-specific data, such as use of inventory, patient information, or proof of delivery • Take photos, get electronic signatures or scan bar codes to provide full job documentation

Xora Management Console
Accessible through any web browser connected to the Internet, the Xora GPS TimeTrack secure cloud-hosted management console allows you to quickly and easily configure the mobile app, monitor employees, jobs and locations, make real-time decisions that deliver optimal service levels and generate reports to analyze and improve overall business performance.

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